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We are using cookies and other technologies to ensure automated compilation of certain type of information while you visit this website, which means, that you approve the privacy policy described below.


Data and personal information.

Any personal information, which you provide to us voluntarily, will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC) (hereinafter – GDPR).


General information on cookies.

Cookies are small parts of text, which are sent to your computer memory while you visit this website. These parts of text are stored on computers of users in order to recognise the user, facilitate use of the website by the user and improve services available to users. Cookies function as memory of particular website, enabling the website to remember your computer, tablet PC or mobile device in subsequent visits of the website. Cookies allow to remember your settings and make your browsing of the website more convenient. You can control and delete cookies. More detailed information on cookies is available here:

However, you should take into consideration, that in the case of disabling some cookies separate functions of websites may be lost or there is a possibility that they will not function properly.

There exist session and permanent cookies.

Session cookies are stored on your device as long as you are using the respective browser, i.e., these cookies are deleted as soon as you close the browser.

Whereas permanent cookies are stored on your device for a specific period of time. Three types of cookies are distinguished:

1. Obligatory cookies, which are required to be able to browse the respective website, using functions offered by the website and, if necessary, to be able to identity oneself.

2. Performance cookies accumulate information on how you are using this website, which sections you visit most frequently, what type of browser you are using, or allows to identify the source or website, from which this website is visited.

3. Functional cookies allow the website to remember your preferences and ensure personalised options.


This website uses the following cookies:

Programs developed by “Google Inc”:

1. “Google Analytics”

2. Google Tag Manager

3. Google maps

4. Google Adwords tags


“Google Analytics” cookies are used for improvement of website content through analysing statistical data and habits of using the website. This program employs such text cookies, which are stored on your computer, tablet PC or mobile phone, and analyses types of use of our website. The obtained information is forwarded to “Google” server in USA and is saved. By using the Internet Protocol (IP) anonymization, your IP address may be transferred for processing outside the European Union and the European Economic Area to Google servers located in USA only in exceptional cases. “Google” uses this information to assess, how you are using the respective website, subsequently preparing reports to website maintainers on activities on the respective websites and providing other services related to use of websites and internet in general. In no case “Google” will link the IP address obtained from this website to any other information held by “Google”. If necessary, “Google” also provides this information to third parties, if such transfer of information is statutory or if such third parties perform processing of this data on behalf of “Google”.

More detailed conditions for use of “Google Analytics” cookies are available here:

You can disable collection of information by Google Analytics by following this link:


Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager tool ensures efficient management of codes. This tool does not collect personal data, instead enabling occurrence of other  tags , which can collect your data, when activated.

Google Maps

This is a location history management tool.

Google Adwords tags or advertising cookies are used to compile information about your visited websites and offer to you as a specific user our services of your interest or any offer corresponding to your interest. These cookies analyse the behaviour of users while browsing the website.

We would like to indicate, that “Google Inc” has developed its confidentiality policy, which complies with requirements of GDPR; therefore, the information/data, which is obtained through using Google tools, is used according to Google Confidentiality Policy


Also the following programs are used on this website:

1. Linkedin Insight tag

2. Drip

3. Pipedrive CMR

4. Youtube

5. Yandex


Linkedin Insight tag

LinkedIn Insight tag allows compiling of data on website visits (also IP address, characteristics of device and browser, time stamp and website views). This data is encrypted, then cancelled within seven days, and finally the cancelled data is deleted within 90 days.

Drip forms

User surveys, initiated on this website, involve services provided by “Drip” company, which do not use cookies. These services will help to compile only the entered data and use it to contact our customers and provide them with all necessary information on offered products.


Pipedrive forms

User surveys, initiated on this website, involve services provided by “ Pipedrive Inc ” company, which do not use cookies. These services will help to compile only the entered data and use it to contact our customers and provide them with all necessary information on offered products.



Types and purposes of used cookies, and duration of data processing:

Cookies name Purpose of use Category Duration of data processing




This cookie identifies visits of the website


2 years from installation/updating




This cookie calculates the duration of visiting the website _utmb cookie function in combination with _ utmc, in order to identify, whether the website is visited for the first time


30 minutes from installation/updating





Until the end of session




This cookie functions in combination with _utmb, in order to


10 minutes






6 months from installation/updating




2 years from installation/updating





This cookie adds your visit in "Views" counter on Youtube



1 hour





This cookie is used on websites, which use Youtube video services (videos are viewed)



Until the end of session















By using this cookie, information on the unique user is obtained, it detects the fact, that any advertisement blocks and cookie limitations are present.

These cookies are necessary to identity the user and compile statistical data on the website visit, made clicks and other analytical data.


Until the end of session or up to 1 year




This cookie identifies users.


2 years




This cookie identifies users.


24 hours

_dc_gtm_<property-id> .


This cookie is used to increase the request performance.


1 minute



This cookie is used to receive Client ID from AMP Client ID service


From 30 seconds up to 1 year




This cookie contains the company information, which can be read by using Google Ads.


90 days


This cookie saves the unique session identifier.


Until the end of session


“Web analytics” is used to identify unique users.




The language selected on the website




This cookie is used to identity, whether the Cookie notification was approved




Storage of files listed in the table is of general informative nature, so please take into consideration, that we will not store personal information for a longer period of time than required to fulfil the processing objectives, additionally observing compliance of processing safety with requirements of laws and other regulatory enactments (for example, data saving periods for audit, accounting and statutory needs), as well as for resolution of disputes and substantiation, implementation or defence of rights-based claims.


Your rights

You are eligible to request access to your personal information and possibility to update or rectify this information. If you need more detailed information on what data exactly, for what purposes and for how long is stored – please send us a message to

You may also object to direct marketing. Namely, if you don't want to receive from LLC "ABC software" any information related to marketing anymore, or if you consider, that processing of your personal information, which is carried out by us, does not comply with requirements of the applicable data protection laws, you may submit a complaint to us, and if you have any other questions on processing of your personal data, please, send us an e-mail to


Sharing of personal information

We will not transfer your personal information to any third parties; however, some data may be accessible to third-party developers of tools within the framework of this Cookie Policy.


Contact information

Data controller

LLC “ABC software”, reg.No.:40003627089, legal address: Latvia, Riga, Tallinas Street 51A, LV-1012. If you want to send us an e-mail, please send it to:

Data processing operators

Google Inc.,  1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Yandex, Ulitsa Lva Tolstogo 16, Moscow, Russia 119021

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland

Pipedrive Inc , 460 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016, USA



We plan to update the provisions of this Cookie Policy time to time.

We undertake to inform you about such changes on this website, posting a new document (indicating the document posting date).


This notification is effective from 24 May 2018