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Sales and support:

About ABC software

ABC software is a software development company, which specializes in creation, development and maintenance of modern software products and solutions.

We – ABC software – are a Latvian company and we operate successfully already from 2003. Our activities are based on specialisation, competence and responsibility. Especially deep competence in separate groups of products has allowed us to become one of market leaders in development of innovative products and solutions for law enforcement authorities and in the area of E-management.

The potential of modern, innovative and secure IT technologies cannot be measured and cannot be reached without appropriate knowledge and skills. We see ourselves as experts who can utilize this potential in order to create IT products with high technological excellence for our clients.

The combination of innovation, experience and competence - that is our driving force for creation of competitive IT solutions with high World demand.

Contact us

Tallinas street 51a, Riga,  LV-1012
Phone: 67082600, fax: 67082610