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Sales and support:

Near real time control

Allows to identify suspicious user activity early and possibly prevent data breach before it has happened.

Non-intrusive and safe solution

E-StepControl works in background and does not hamper user productivity. Because it uses data anonymizer software, personally identifiable employee data never leaves the organization.

Reduce business and compliance risks

Insiders are responsible for a half of all data breaches. Data breach can lead to lose of reputation, severed customer and partner relationships and, with introduction of GDPR, massive regulatory fines. E-StepControl helps identifying suspicious user activities that may indicate malicious intent, such as accessing and downloading unusual set of organization’s data.

Simple and affordable solution

E-StepControl is a simple and affordable cloud-based solution. Implementation doesn’t require massive upfront investment or changes of existing security procedures.

Understanding and evaluating actual behaviour

Administrative and technical measures alone cannot eliminate risk of actions of malicious insider that has legitimate need to use business systems. E-StepControl analyses actual user behaviour and alerts security administrators if suspicious activity takes place.