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Simple connection

The integration process of e-StepControl solution and the protected system is simplified within three consecutive steps:


1. Preparation of audit data source is carried out on the side of client's system database and the rights for reading these data are assigned.

2. On the side of e-StepControl solution, connection to the database is done, using the rights assigned in the previous step.

3. Configuration and mapping of auditing data source fields and expected attributes takes place on the side of e-StepControl solution.

If the auditing data have non-trivial structure, there is an option to use additional mechanisms on the side of e-StepControl solution, for example – XSLT transformations for in-depth configuration, which allows to perform additional data filtering and transformation activities.

As an alternative integration method, integration of e-StepControl solution with the protected system, using SOAP access can be used. All necessary web-service methods are ensured within the unified API interface, allowing the protected system to control atypical behaviour analysis and recognition aspects – to stop and launch the service, to obtain analysis of results, etc.

If necessary, the said architecture allows to integrate e-StepControl functionality calls in the functional code of the protected system, thus ensuring maximally close integration and tracking of studied business processes within e-StepControl solution.

Third-party software developers have an option to include the functionality of e-StepControl solution as a separate module, allowing to supply a complete system with integrated abnormalities identification functionality to the end client.