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Multipurpose application

The most demanded area of application of e-StepControl solution is identification of abnormalities in activities of internal users of IT systems. Also, this solution is universal and suitable for application in any other domain of problem area, where structured processes with high atypicality danger factor are found.

For example, e-StepControl solution can be used in production lines with different level of automation in cases, when attention has to be paid to synchronization of directly unrelated processes (for example, actual filling of warehouse room and displaying of respective electronic documents in ERP system).

Problem areas of transport and logistics, can serve as another example, where the existing tools provide information on the current load of transport movement. In the best case scenario, this allows to determine separate road stages, where the current load is relatively high. At the same time, these tools do not take into account the data regarding the typical cycle of such load (for example, in the 24-hour context); therefore, it is self-evident, that the load of transport movement during the peak hour on the particular road stage is more intense, and this fact has low degree of usefulness. Consequently, e-StepControl solution can solve the unique task in terms of atypical dynamics of transport movement. The relevant information can be useful for employees of the responsible departments.