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Functioning at a Business Logic Layer

Majority of IS security systems are oriented to company IT infrastructure and data protection. At the same time, the business logic level, which is supported by IT infrastructure and defined with activities of employees, is left without protection.

The peculiarity of the business logic layer makes its monitoring and control hard to implement; at the same time, risks of internal threats, which are inherent to this layer, may bring real financial and reputation loss to the company.

e-StepControl is a tool of intellectual analysis of activities of IT system users authenticated by the company. By using mathematical modelling, e-StepControl identifies the facts of atypical behaviour of IT system users, allowing detection of illegal activities implemented by the internal (potentially reliable) staff of IT systems.

Consequently, unlike many other security solutions for information systems, which analyse the contents of traffic and network packages at the low level, e-StepControl analyses user behaviour and protects specifically at the level of business activities.