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Dedicated adapter for registration of user activities from a web browser


In the third quarter of 2021, we plan to release a specialized software adapter to be able to additionally collect data on user activities and sequences of activities in web applications. The purpose of data collection is to enrich audit records of user activities.

There are two main reasons why such an adapter is needed:

  • firstly, for many standard programs it is not possible to audit all user activities, for example, in MS Dynamics it is not possible to audit the function "select" and
  • secondly, when working with various IT systems developed by third parties, we have found that most software companies create systems with incomplete and low-quality user activity audit record collection mechanism. Sometimes, the structure of audit data collection and storage is poorly responsive to data processing.

The new adapter will make up for the shortcomings of pre-designed IT systems for recording and processing audit logs of user activities.